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My work is a combination of layering acrylic paint with a variety of mediums, ranging from textiles to glitter. I love seeing the texture build as I add to each layer with molding gel, glass beads, a variety of paints, inks, gouache, and pastels. Each layer acts like an onion, with their own properties, stories and vibrations. 

I enlisted in the Navy at the age of 20, then spent the next 10 years stationed in Norfolk, Virginia serving on a variety of Naval ships and base commands. The noxious environment took a gigantic toll on my mental health. I found painting for the first time when I needed an a healthy way to recover and find a safe space for myself. 


Highly abstract, my work focuses on channeling unseen emotions. Each piece has an aura of its own as my passion shines through with uninhibited energy and passionate brushstrokes.My pieces often start with a pleasant affect and then turn more despondent. I often paint with no plan in mind, if I'm feeling euphoric, you'll know by my energetic and wild brushstrokes and the colors exuding off the canvas. Or, if I'm feeling melancholic, you'll see darker tones and a brooding affect. My biggest muse and motivation for my work comes from my children. They’ve instilled a childlike energy into me that’s full of colors, wildness, and imagination. We often paint side by side where they learn from me and I also learn from them. I'm uniquely free in what I do and cannot be contained in one box or category. 

 “If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” – Vincent Van Gogh

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